Our Mission and Vision

The future belongs to companies whose attractiveness to consumers and investors is directly linked to the impact they make on our planet and on people. Yieldrive was designed to help investors identify and evaluate these companies for greater portfolio resilience, hence bringing this future closer.

About Us

We are a team with extensive experience in finance, technology, and capital markets, with a shared passion for researching and investing in companies that strive to make a positive impact on our planet.

We firmly believe that the business landscape holds immense potential to drive significant transformations and create a brighter future for everyone. In fact, we believe that sustainable companies are the most resilient ones and the future yield-drivers.

We recognize that the above requires a multifaceted approach, including more accessible information and knowledge, and the availability of unbiased independent information that is correlated to the largest companies in the world. For example, many people are unaware of the requirement for publicly listed companies to create yearly sustainability reports that demonstrate their dedication to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) values. In addition to the lack of awareness, we believe that only a minority of these companies genuinely excel in all three areas, while others may not excel in any.

Typically mandated by exchanges, regulators, and government bodies, these reports are produced by businesses to comply with regulations and avoid penalties. Often, companies seek assistance from specialists, consulting firms, and data providers, following a top-down approach. Consequently, it is challenging for investors to determine which companies are worth supporting or investing in based solely on these reports. The available alternatives to such reports can often come with high costs, as many ESG specialist companies primarily cater to enterprises and charge fees that may be prohibitive for individuals.

This is precisely where Yieldrive comes into play, adopting a bottom-up approach to gather publicly available data autonomously using its proprietary AI. This data is then translated by our algorithms and methodology to generate research and valuations presented in a clear, easily comprehensible, and transparent manner that is accessible to everyone, not just professionals.

Our meticulous aim is to provide what has been lacking: actionable ESG data combined with broadly applied valuation principles. We assess not only the financial viability of enterprises but also their commitment to environmental, social, and governance factors. Ultimately, we derive the extent to which companies' ESG initiatives contribute to their fair value.

To address any potential skepticism, Yieldrive's methodology is openly published, enabling our users to explore it freely.

By empowering users to differentiate between regressive and forward-thinking enterprises, Yieldrive aims to provide better-informed decisions and continually improve accuracy as more data becomes available. Whether investors choose to include regressive or forward-thinking companies in their portfolios, their decision will not be due to a lack of actionable data.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continuously and actively enrich our data, evolve our technology and enhance the accuracy of Yieldrive. Together, we can drive positive change and create a future where businesses and investors thrive, while leaving a lasting, positive legacy.

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William Cox, Hugo Masset, Noel Norking, Dominique Küttel, Bojan Simic

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